Danny Gladden, Minnesota

danny_gladdenDan Gladden, PbP/Clr, MN – Rookie Year: 2006. Sounds half in the bag during second inning of a Thursday day game. Middling former player bonus points galore: A career .270 hitter known as “The Dazzle Man” with a World Series Grand Slam. His voice is strained, stilted, and tainted with years of greenie usage. Ups the professionalism when burdened with the responsibility of a play-by-play inning.  Really spreads his wings as a color man. Strong aversion to using Twins players’ given surnames in favor of y-ending nicknames (Gibson -> Gibby).

Quotes: “Hey bear stay there!” “I thought the gift would be a Coors Light or something”

Sit in a lawn chair in the mid-July sun, drink domestic beer, sneak in a few naps rating: 6 pack of buds, 0 naps. Total Score: 6


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