Jeff Levering, Milwaukee

jeff_leveringJeff Levering, PbP, Mlw – Rookie Year: 2015. Uninspiring Bob Uecker 3-inning fill-in. A receding tide. Provides a breather each game for a legend, while also providing listeners a window for napping. Talks of the players with a Midwestern kindness, untainted by the knowledge that baseball players are scum. Spent his formative years training in Pawtucket, but sadly did not pick up the charming Rhode Island accent. Computer generated generic broadcaster voice type 1.

Quotes: “That baby is a real good sleeper” “Anyone out there today with young babies, sleep is at a premium”

Sit in a lawn chair in the mid-July sun, drink domestic beer, sneak in a few naps rating: 0 buds, 1(+) nap. Total Score: 1


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