Joe Castiglione, Boston

joe_castiglioneJoe Castiglione, PbP, Bos – Rookie Year: 1979. A New England native with a distinctive high pitched voice that is so devoid of bass that it should only exist on AM radio. A purist, he resists drifting into the silly anecdotes that so many play by plan rely on to get through the mid-summer doldrums, instead choosing to pepper the listener with historical information regarding the Red Sox opponent.  If the Sox are playing in Detroit you might just learn about Sandcut, Indiana, the hometown of former Tigers pitcher Dizzy Trout (1939-1952). The effectiveness of these anecdotes are probably best described as “listener dependent”. Nonetheless, when you wake up from the inevitable 6th inning siesta, any seasoned listener will be able to accurately gauge the status of the game by detecting the tension in his voice.

Quotes (provided by the Red Sox telelvision broadcast team): “I feel bueno”

Sit in a lawn chair in the mid-July sun, drink domestic beer, sneak in a few naps rating: 1  bud, 2(+) nap. Total Score: 3


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